Sol Summary Report – 12 April 2018

Sol 4

Summary Title: Whatever It Takes

Author: Victoria Varone

Mission Status:

Sol Activity Summary: It was quite a busy day for Crew 192 as we spent almost all of our time literally “battening down the hatches” as severe winds caused the HAB some physical wear that needed repair and periodic observation.

It began at ~0220 when the wind peeked. We had to tie down the center wooden cap for the structure because it kept slamming against the ceiling and being pulled up by the wind. It is now secure.

We had an approved short morning scouting EVA …The commander recalled the team when the front airlock door vibrated and broke free from its hasp and the door swung open so hard that it broke the banister and damaged the habitat. The commander decided to have the team emergent repair the HAB by reattaching the hasp and screwing the banister back in place. The external repairs to the HAB must be made at a later date because they were not emergent and beyond the ability of the crew.

We completed another engineering EVA (ALL HANDS EFFORT) to clean the trailer water tank in the RAM so that our next crew can maintain a large and safe supply of water. This involved stringing 550 cord to make a safety line which allowed all personnel to get to the HAB without issue in the mounting wind.

Look Ahead Plan: The strong winds are forecast to continue into tomorrow and should slow down after that. Once it does, we will resume our exploration EVAs, continually exploring new sites and familiarizing ourselves further with ones we’ve already seen.

Anomalies in Work: None

Weather: Chilly and extremely windy. Winds blowing at approximately 30 mph with gusts 46 mph.

Crew Physical Status: All crew are physically healthy and safe.

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