Journalist Report – April 19th

Crew 192 Journalist Report 19 Apr 2018

Author: Victoria Varone

Today was a great example of teamwork by the crew, some of whom started the day with a WONDERFUL long hike on Hab Ridge Road, taking in some of the best views we’ve seen so far of the entire Martian desert.

There was also a combined effort of cleaning, organizing, and finishing up some tasks for the incoming crew, which is made up of our own fellow Citizen Scientist-Astronaut Candidates and friends.

We ended our day with a continued combined effort of cooking, attempting to make pizza and mozzarella sticks with the dehydrated “space food” supplies we had on hand. Believe it or not, it actually turned out delicious, and with everyone contributing to the effort, we both cooked and had everything cleaned in record time.

We’re capping off the night with a viewing of Thor: Ragnarok, and will continue prepping for our incoming crew tomorrow.

Victoria Varone

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