Sol Summary – April 20th

Crew 192 Sol Summary Report 20Apr2018

Sol 12

Summary Title: Splash Down

Author: Victoria Varone

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: The crew divided up our last day in sim into two fantastic EVAs and a mission to clean the hab from top to bottom for the incoming crew and close out all of our reports. We went through each of the buildings in the hab site and made sure everything is clean, organized, and in great shape for use by future crews.

Look Ahead Plan: Finishing up our last reports and inventories to prepare for incoming crew and our departure.

Anomalies in Work: None

Weather: Cloudy and rainy in the morning, warmer and sunny in the afternoon.

Crew Physical Status: All crew are physically healthy and safe.

EVA: See EVA Report.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary Report, EVA Report, Photo Report, Commander’s Report, GreenHab Report, Astronomy Report, End of Mission Report, Science Report

Support Requested: Note: Filter for loft water tank is already light brown/orange in color.

Maintenance request: Lock for Musk Observatory is no good anymore, it was severely jammed and we tried various fixes but it still sticks. Recommend replacement. Also we will need fluorescent light bulbs soon, They are flickering. Finally had to secure the water under the sink in the upstairs sink because the leak has gotten worse.

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