Sol Summary Report – 26 April 2018

Sol 4

Summary Title: Broken Glasses and Martian Pizza

Author: David Attig, Crew Engineer

Mission Status: Super Tremendous Nominal.

Sol Activity Summary: The day started off early with quick individual breakfasts in order to prepare for EVA 8 which left at 0730.

The crew feasted on some homemade pizza, with some fresh salad and soup made with our greenhouse produce. We spent time on personal work and research projects before EVA 9.

While EVA 9 was underway, the HAB was vacuumed and progress made on experiments.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will stick close to the Hab due to predicted hot weather and high winds in the afternoon. We will have two EVAs to practice on ATVs, and will spend the afternoon in the Hab practicing medical emergency situations and reviewing fire safety.

Anomalies in work:

1. There was a pair of sunglasses lost during the afternoon EVA. They were found, but had been driven over by a Rover.

2. There was a missed picture opportunity; the crew member who was asked to take it did a poor job and the crew member who asked for it did not review the picture before returning from EVA.

Weather: Clear skies in AM, chilly in morning and quickly warming during the day. Warm and breezy in PM.

Crew Physical Status: Nominal


EVA 8 – went well, gray moon area was explored. There is incredible scenery, the landscape matches up with its name very well. Upon returning, they brought materials in from the RAM to work on in the HAB.

EVA 9 – Saw a fantastic view of Candor Chasma.

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